1. Dual lane carriageways with a dedicated motorcycle lane

  • 3.5 meters wide for slow and fast lane.

  • 2.4 meters wide for the emergency lane.

  • 3 meters wide for the motorcycle lane.


2. The motorcycle lane is separated from the car’s lane by a removable New Jersey Barrier (NJB).


3. The overall length of the bridge is 24km with 16.9km is the length of the marine bridge over the water.


4. Main Navigational Span:

  • 475 meters Cable Stayed Bridge.

  • 240 meters of Main Navigational Span.

  • 30 meters clearance from the sea level.


5. Approach Span:

  • Box Girder Bridge with 55 meters interval.


6. The first bridge in Malaysia to incorporate the High Damping Natural Rubber Bearing (HDNRB) that enables the bridge to withstand far field earthquake of more than 7.5 at the Richter scale.


7. The first bridge in Malaysia to use the Seismic Expansion Joints and Noise Reduction Seismic Expansion Joints.


8. Speed limit is 80km/h.


9. The first expressway concessionaire in Malaysia to adopt an Integrated Toll Collection System at Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Integrated Toll Plaza / Bandar Cassis PLUS Toll Plaza on the Mainland